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Request for information - Training Tools for Practitioners

Does your organization produce training tools for practitioners on the use of native plants for restoration? The National Seed Strategy Task Force on Training Tools is soliciting information on all training tools used in the United States in 2017 – make sure yours are included by downloading this spreadsheet, adding your details to it, and sending a copy (using subject line "Training Tools Input") to gfuller 'at' tnc.org by COB January 31st. Instructions on how to fill out the spreadsheet can be found here. If you held several training sessions or webinars, you can either provide a link to your organization's website or fill in details for your top 5 training tools.

Note: Results of this request for information will be used to identify needs in training tools for practitioners, and will be used in a short report and as a source for producing a training list for the next National Native Seed Conference and other appropriate meetings.

Plant conservation in the news

The 2017 National Native Seed Conference was a great success! Check out an example from the Conference about using the right seed in the right place at the right time here!


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